It was the first day of 2017 and I was headed to Cong for a Civil Cermony after a busy Christmas period.

Audrey and Jamie had both come over from Chicago to get married in The Lodge at Ashford Castle. Audrey didn't want me to film any morning preparations with her, which is unusual but meant I had more time to get some shots of the location and the set up. The reception area in The Lodge has a lot of open windows which gave me some great opportunity to take advantage of the winter sun coming through.

You can see the Feature Film below.

The couple went for the Feature Film Package, which is actually a rare enough package that couples book me for, they more often go for the Highlight Package. I can understand why as it's a little less expensive but I think that the 20 minute film is certainly the best option for couples, as it is short enough to watch as many times as you want but long enough to include all aspects of the day and not just the highlights.

The key to the Feature Film is to build an individual story around the couple, weaving audio from the speeches and vows around strong visuals of the day, the family and their friends.

This package also includes the full speeches and ceremony on a separate file, but if you have a watch I think you will see just why this type of film is so much better than a traditional documentary edit that can run up to 1hr and a half.

Feature Film - Audrey & Jamie's Wedding Story from Dave Sneddon on Vimeo.