The Falcon's were out at Mount Falcon!

Not just Falcon's either but some other wildlife as well, with the Owl getting centre stage for the opening of my latest Highlight Film. Naomi and Thomas got married in St Joseph's Church in Shrule, which was just round the corner from where Naomi lives. It was straight to Mount Falcon Hotel in Ballina afterwards for anyone that knows the grounds are spectacular and, with the added benefit of a beautiful sunny day, myself and the photographer were able to get some lovely shots for the photoshoot.

You can watch the Highlight Film below.

I find that I can spend twice as long, even three times as long putting together the highlight film than I do the documentary edit and from feedback from my clients it's the piece that they return to over and over again and that they can show their friends and family. This is falling in line with the cinematic trend that is most popular in the states now, where couples pay for the short form edit and the long form edit is all but obsolete! We're not quite there yet but as these short films become more popular I think we will start to see a more higher end overall style of videography with the primary focus being on these short form cinematic edits.

Naomi Boland Highlight Film from Dave Sneddon on Vimeo.