Documentary Wedding Videographer, Feature Film Videos

My name is Dave Sneddon and I run All West Videos out of Westport, Co Mayo.

At All West Videos I specialise in producing short-form cinematic love stories in a candid, fly-on-the-wall manner.

As a professional wedding videographer, I understand that a lot of couples are wary of having a camera around, which is why I shoot your wedding in the most unobtrusive way possible. One of the first things couples will say to me is that they hardly know I am there!

My films tell the story of your wedding day via films that you will watch over and over again. Your wedding film is not just coverage of the day, it is a story, a film, an investment for the future – for you and for your future generations, and each film I make reflects that.

You can find many examples of my films on my ‘video’ page and you can contact me through my website here for more information.

I have had over ten years experience filming weddings, corporate & promotional videos, television broadcast shows, short films and internet dramas. Your wedding memories will be priceless, and so should your wedding film be. With my films you will be transported back to that day and the happiness you felt for many years to come.

I have extensive on-line video editing experience with Final Cut Pro and Premier Pro and an honours degree in Video & Media Production from the University of West Scotland.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.